Lately, it seems like the really fortunate things that happen to Area Rides usually happen at the eleventh hour. The day after I had said, "It looks like I'm not going to Rust Revival" I received a call. One of the largest expenses that goes along with the trip is the hotel accommodations. Steve Martin - original patron of Area Rides - offered me one of his rooms. Even Karl Steury, one of the crew of Rust Revival, had even offered some of his own money for expenses. These guys are true motorheads!

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I do believe Area Rides is reaching a goal set in place many years ago. It was an unofficial goal only hinted at in the Mission Statement. With the broad blanket statement of the site being "the end-all, be-all resource for everything automotive in the Saint Louis area" or something along those lines. It was a lofty goal and over the years it is becoming a reality. Almost.

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It is doing surprisingly well! I never thought there would be as much interest in something of the sort. Apparently people are happy to have their email inbox filled with my inane chatter and babbling! Though I only post a newsletter once a month I am planning on doing more! It has also been fun!

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I been receiving more and more requests these days for vendor information- both from event organizers and vendors themselves. I suppose I should have begun making a list before now. I think I had begun doing it at one point, but I also think it fizzled out. But this time I really need to do it; if anything to avoid the embarrassment of not having any answers and sounding like a fool.

Them: "You seem to know a lot about the car show scene in St. Louis, Steve. Know of any hot dog vendors we can invite to our event?"

Me: "Umm.. err... uhhh..."

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I am attempting to expand coverage of shows with video. I will still do local shows, but I want to go a bit outside the Saint Louis area. You have most likely seen the scope and breadth of my video content. You have seen the quality of which I can achieve. You can also see that I can produce something worth watching. I want to do more. To do this requires funds- not a lot, but more than what is currently available.

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pushupArea Rides is now beta testing a new social network from PushUp is a local business getting a new social platform up and running. This will give Area Rides and the Saint Louis Gearhead community a chance to connect with other Gearheads in the area. By using this network we can all share news, info and the camaraderie that is prevalent in the Saint Louis area and nowhere else. This is a chance to join become an early adopter and you can say "I was there in the beginning!"...

The folks at PushUp have asked me to find at least 10 members of the local automotive community to sign up (it\'s all free) and be a part of the network. There are a lot of other networks that you can join should you have other interests. Later on, I will explore new features (it\'s all new to me too) and see what kind of extra stuff we can do as a community.

The idea is simple. The PushUp system resides at the bottom of the page. Its interface looks very similar to Facebook so there is no great learning curve. I will work on getting more content listed to give you a better idea of the layout. The product is in beta at the moment so there are a couple little bugs still, but not enough to ruin your social experience. If you are interested in joining contact me.

As always, you can contact me if you have any questions, comments, accolades or insults too.



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


There are a couple PushUp reps following the Area Rides PushUp Social feed. This means if you have any troubles you can now you can even report it directly!

This year marks the final year of a sixteen year tradition in Brighton, Illinois. Though it's hard to see it go, there are benefits. A big show will get even bigger and better. The Brighton Car, Truck and Motorcycle Show on May 18, 2014 will be the final show. In its sixteen year run its total participation has been about five and a half thousand cars. Over the years it has been the first of a series of a dozen or more shows throughout the year that are the Best of the Best qualifying shows. Finally, in October, the Best of the Best Show described as "The Cadillac of Car Shows" takes place on the same grounds as the first in Brighton and includes cars, trucks and motorcycles from all over the region.

The show's organizer, John "Cockey" Bramley, a native of Brighton, typically begins planning his events just a couple weeks after the previous show. To pull off two large shows and attend dozens of others during one show season it is a full time job. Even with the help of his wife and the rest of his family and crew it still remains an arduous task to spearhead it all. In regards to the first Brighton show, Bramley says, "It's had its day."

"This will give us the opportunity to focus more on Best of the Best", he adds. With the extra time saved with the end of the first show, Bramley and crew are now able to concentrate more on making the Best of the Best an even larger event. "I can do more with Best of the Best with the help of the participant sand the sponsors." says Bramley.

Of the qualifying shows, many still remain but this year two others have been dropped. Yet a new one has been added. Now the Super Chevy Show at Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, Illinois on June 20 through June 22, 2014 has joined the list of Best of the Best qualifying shows.

New awards will be added for 2014 Best of the Best, new sponsors have joined in and the show has secured even more support from the automotive community.

It has been pointed out that the automated system for posting events on the Area Rides Facebook Page does not post them until the day before or even the day of the event. Though these systems used do a decent job, no amount of tweaking will get them to post sooner. It is the nature of the beast as it were...

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