I had only hinted at the latest news on the Area Rides Facebook Page. That is about all I can do right now. I can say that this is definitely going to be a boon to this site and those connected to it. If anything it will help to begin with. I am not entirely sure about the long-term effect. I do know that it is a good thing for Area Rides, the community and me personally.

There is a wrinkle

This new development has pushed the video editing back a bit. There is still a long list of videos that must be done in order. Sadly, the Rust Revival video is not at the top. It's not far from the top of the list, but it is not the first. All the video will be done as soon as I can get them done.

There is an iron

Like the new computer, there is now going to be new gear added to the video tool box very, very soon. This will greatly improve not only the quality of the Area Rides' produced videos, but the speed in which they are completed!

New and Improved

There will be a lot more opportunities available to Area Rides. Not only will there be more shiny, nifty gear, but there are now more resources. These in turn will allow me to have more freedom and it will open a lot more doors. These resources bring new connections and will expand the network. These new associations are already beginning to bloom into bigger projects. We will make the folks on the coasts take notice of us in the fly-over states.

I will now be able to push beyond the Saint Louis area and spread the word about Area Rides and tout the fact that we too have a strong, vibrant automotive community and it is just as cool and as impressive as the rest of the nation. I'd even say, in many cases, we have even cooler stuff here! I am proud of what we have. The rest of the country should know it.

Trimmed Down and Sleek

Throughout its entire history, I have tried many, many different features with Area Rides. I'd let them go for a while and see what kind of response they each get. The successful items stay while the lesser used featured eventually get removed. What remains is typically the "good stuff".

Before the season is over, Area Rides will undergo a massive reduction and removal of a few of the lesser successful sections and coverage. The calendar will always remain. The photography coverage of events will happen less. I'll give the newsletter a fighting chance, but it may get dropped if there is little interest. The Area Rides YouTube channel will see fewer videos; more quality than quantity. I will be more choosy on the events I will attend. The Facebook Page is a necessity, but I would really like to drop it. Even the site itself has experienced a drop in hits this year as compared to last year. It's time to shake things up.

It's Still Here to Stay

The more adroit fans of Area Rides will know that since 2010 it has really been a test. It was a three year trial to see if it could actually work. It was saved by a phone call at the eleventh hour (31 days before the deadline). I now know it will work. Now it is time to make it better.


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