This season has brought many new opportunities for Area Rides. As it is mostly a one-man show, Area Rides- therefore I- cannot take full advantage of most of them. Not wanting to pass up anything and let the community down, I am needing some photographers...

I have decided to do less photography and concentrate on video. There are numerous talented photographers in the area (and in the outlying areas too!) who do fantastic work. It is time for me to step aside and let others shine. In some cases, I'll shoot video alongside the photographers- I do not plan on disappearing from the scene anytime soon!

Unlike the past years, the goal here is for Area Rides to provide paid gigs for photographers. The paid gigs will not be in a chaotic car show environment, but in a fairly controlled scenario and there will be no need to wait for a spectator to move out of the way. It will be camera, car and you.

Since the one paying is also an automotive photographer, there will be no need to explain what needs to be done and why. You will not need to negotiate with clients. You will not have to concern yourself with logistics. All you will need to do is concentrate on taking top notch photos.

Since the one paying is also an automotive photographer, there will be a lot of hard work. You will have to bring your A Game. I will be taking the painstaking niggly details away from the photographer therefore there will be no excuses. I am a tough, but fun and fair director. There's no bluffing me, photographically speaking.

The shoots will be fun. In the last few years I have had many of my bucket list items checked off. I've even had items checked off that were not on my bucket list because I never thought it would be possible. I have met a lot of people; some famous and some not-so-famous-but-very-cool. I have photographed cars that I would otherwise not have had the chance. It's been a one heckuva fun ride.

The ride will continue. New prospects are coming in; more so than ever! It is getting to the point where it will be impossible to do both photos and video. I must do one or the other. Someone else needs to shoot with me.

The main catch is that this all may flop. It could succeed, but in an alternate direction. No matter what the outcome, I do not want to be caught unprepared when it happens.

I am familiar with most local automotive photographers' work. There is not much need to submit a portfolio. You need not have a full kit as I will bring my photo gear. However, I would like to know if you are interested. Then we can talk about compensatory requirements and scheduling.

You can contact me by phone or email:
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