For the first time since its inception, Area Rides is finally poised to become something greater than it has ever been. Even in the last three years of my dropping nearly everything to focus on Area Rides and build upon it to make it bigger it has never had this much potential. With the direction that it has taken of late it can not only become greater in the local automotive community, but could eventually take the entire Mid West by storm; it may even make the folks on the coasts to take notice of us hillbillies living in the fly-over states...

I cannot build it alone. Much of the work done on the site is just by me. I add the events in the calendar. I photographed most all of the event coverage. I shot the videos and edited them myself. Yet the people who have hired me to shoot for them, paid travel expenses, introduced me to the right people or gave me the proper opportunity or just told a friend about the site are the ones who- when it all comes down to the bare and simple facts- have made it possible.
I have- or Area Rides has- a very good position right now. I am ready to push it further. I have seen firsthand the far reaching popularity that has gone well beyond my expectations. It is a wonderful ego boost, but it helped me realize that it can grow to something more.
All I can give to the cause are my skills. I can amp up video and photo production quality. I can hone my skills more. I will explore new and exciting styles. I can arrange locations and get my foot in the door. I can create more ways to build up coverage, purpose and benefit to the community. If I cannot pay expenses, it becomes impossible.
The supporters who have contributed to Area Rides by purchasing a few DVDs, hiring me for shoots, covering expenses or spread the word of the site can only do so much. They too have mouths to feed. I am looking for others who are willing to rally the cause.
Though it would be the best to have a $30,000 check given to me (if this does happen I'd prefer one written from a large checkbook to look good for a picture) with no stipulations or provisions. Nope. I wish to keep this all logical and with real-world goals. A more realistic aspiration is to acquire a simple show of hands. I would like to see how many of you will help.

Would you buy a DVD instead of watching it on YouTube for free?
Would you hire Area Rides to document your car show?
Would you buy Area Rides branded apparel?
Would you provide an otherwise empty seat for me on your trip to an out of town event?
Would you attend an Area Rides event?
How else would you suggest to support Area Rides?
Let me know by phone, email, Facebook or by whatever means that you would support Area Rides. Tell your friends to check out all that Area Rides has done. Have them chime in too. Being armed with your backing will make it easier to forge ahead with bigger, better, stronger or faster plans.

Thanks and abundant gratitude as always,



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