I do believe Area Rides is reaching a goal set in place many years ago. It was an unofficial goal only hinted at in the Mission Statement. With the broad blanket statement of the site being "the end-all, be-all resource for everything automotive in the Saint Louis area" or something along those lines. It was a lofty goal and over the years it is becoming a reality. Almost.


  1. Know the Shows. The event listings were a snap. The process is simple- post as many local events as possible. Done.
  2. Be a great news source. Though not complete, progress is coming along slowly but surely.
  3. Get to know everybody. This is a little more difficult, but my contact list (and even my poor memory) is filling up with local motorheads, event planners and shops.
  4. Be a part of the community. This means playing an active role out and about in the automotive realm. This is an arduous task getting my foot in all the doors in the area.

There are more steps needed of course, but the last one is a doozy. It is beginning to happen.

I am now getting more requests to attend events and shoot video. Requests began many years ago, but the frequency has been increasing by leaps and bounds. Some of them have even been out of state! The trouble with out of state events is that Area Rides is to be for local happenings. I also know that extra travel increases the price quite a bit! There are a couple in the planning phase, but with no certainty they will happen.

A couple years ago I was in cahoots with a major oil manufacturer. This provided some fun travel, a couple checks on my personal bucket list and some cool swag. The group that allowed me that pleasure has had some changes and now they are with a different manufacturer. They have brought me in with a promise of fame, glory (not really) and some swag. More news on that later, but friends of Area Rides will be getting some nifty stuff.

It is now old news that Area Rides is working in conjunction with Manns Restoration in Festus, Missouri. This partnership not only makes for some cool photo opportunities, but also it allows me and Area Rides certain exclusivity. There will be more content for Area Rides as a result. There are new developments in the works and those will be announced as soon as they are finalized.

There are a couple new features on the site too! The newsletter is even better than I had expected. The PushUp Social network is brand new (it is in Beta right now) and has had some promising results. The Vendor Listings section is coming along slowly, but there are a lot of folks interested. In sum, 2014 is looking to become a great season for Area Rides and Saint Louis!

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