Detroit, Daytona, Indianapolis and Los Angeles are known world wide for their strong connections to the automotive industry in the United States. What the world and most Americans do not fully understand is that other cities have the very same passion and pride of cars. Just about every metropolitan area has its own flourishing car community. They may not be as well known, but deserve recognition regardless.

St Louis, Missouri, in particular, is populated with passionate people who hold their likes and beliefs close to their collective hearts and will defend them with such a veracity with a near religious jealousy. Need proof? Tell a St. Louisan that pizza is best with a thick crust and just try to avoid ridicule.

Every weekend from Easter to Halloween you can find a car show happening somewhere in St. Louis or surrounding areas. These car shows cater to virtually any style or type of vehicle. From lead sleds to rat rods, American muscle to import tuners, slammed cruisers to off-road monsters St. Louis provides a vastly diverse car scene. Since the area is slightly limited in size compared to Detroit and Indianapolis the cross section of its enthusiasts are more of a close-knit group. Lasting friendships can be founded at car shows as many of the same people tend to attend the shows.

This familiarity institutes lasting bonds and fortifies the passion. The connection even crosses genre as Euro-tuner owners will hang out with the classic car set and the low rider group with '50's era car owners.

Area Rides' primary goal is to both spotlight and support the Motorhead community. Featuring the exceptional craftsmanship and dedication of local car owners who deserve the accolades and admiration just as much as owners in the well-known motor cities is very important. To support the community we will offer as much publicity and promotion to local shops, clubs and owners.

The second goal of Area Rides is to provide free information to the end user and act a portal to anything the local car enthusiast would find of interest. We wish to create partnerships with event coordinators and clubs to apprise the area of shows, cruises and even the casual get-togethers. Having a hub to direct the car fan to explore both his or her personal tastes is integral to help the automotive community's cohesiveness and offer, in turn, the opportunities to explore other vehicle sub-cultures.

It is our fondest wish to become an essential component in the local automotive scene. If you have any suggestions or comments to help us provide more to the community please do not hesitate to drop us a line and let us know.

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